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You Don't Want to Live in a Mold-Infested Home

Turn to our mold remediation company in Cambridge, NY or Manchester, VT for a solution

Mold can't be allowed to linger. If it continues to spread, it could make you sick and cause serious property damage. Van Dyk Solutions can test for mold and, if it's present, remove it right away. We're a trusted source of mold removal services in Cambridge, NY and Manchester, VT.

We also provide commercial mold remediation services. Call 518-677-0700 now to request a free estimate.

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Common causes of mold growth

Anywhere moisture gets trapped becomes a breeding ground for mold. Since getting started in 2020, we've been hired to remove mold from attics with poor ventilation, crawl spaces without vapor barriers and rooms that have sustained water damage.

Mold remediation is a dangerous job, so leave it to the pros in Cambridge, NY and Manchester, VT. Contact us today to schedule mold removal services.